Excent is focused on making documenting school-based health services more efficient, without compromising accuracy, while helping school districts to maximize reimbursement revenue.

Since 1998, we have partnered with school districts around the country helping them to recover over $100 million in Medicaid reimbursement funds. Our solutions do more than simply track services provided to Medicaid-eligible students; they automate every aspect of the Medicaid management process.

Regardless of which IEP system a district uses or the method of documenting service provision, our billing tools extract encounter data for IEP/IFSP prescribed services, validate them against state and federal compliance requirements, and successfully bill a state’s agency for Medicaid-eligible students.

Using Excent Medicaid, school districts reduce paperwork and errors, while increasing reimbursements and the amount of time therapists can spend with students.

Service Logging
Excent’s mobile web-based applications improve staff productivity and satisfaction with comprehensive, easy-to-use functionality, freeing time for more student interactions. It also supports staff efficiency with effective scheduling, role-based security, transportation tracking, and caseload management features. Combined, these features promote:
  • Faster entry of encounters
  • Higher percentage of sessions documented
  • Real-time encounter logging
  • Increased accuracy of logged data
  • Improved program implementation and maintenance
  • Reduced provider training
Nursing Services
Through our partnership with Electronic Health Record (EHR) software innovator, PSNI and SNAP Health Center, districts across the nation can now bill Medicaid for eligible nursing services with a single integrated solution. SNAP Health Center is a comprehensive EHR solution that complements nursing expertise allowing nurses to automate workflow and improve clinical accuracy and outcomes. Now with integrated billing through Excent Medicaid, automatic data transfer of billable data ensures the billing process runs smoothly every time. With larger reimbursements, districts are able to reinvest in better health and educational support services for the entire district leading to healthier student and better outcomes.
  • Excent Medicaid’s robust management and compliance features provide tangible benefits for program directors, service providers, and district financial staff.
  • Excent’s comprehensive systems track parental consents and students’ Medicaid eligibility, integrating prescribed service and transportation logs with an extensive billing tool to ensure identification of, and successful reimbursement for, every eligible student.
  • A combination of system features and reports provide program managers with superior program clarity through recent activity audit trails, ad hoc and custom reports, and comprehensive service provider and student data to support effective program management and cost recovery.
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