The first Special Education data management system designed for state agencies

Enrich State is the first and only special education data system designed, above all, for state agency/DOE users to collect and manage all IDEA and state level compliance requirements for special education program management.

The Enrich State application integrates with any IEP or student information system (SIS) database to import student records. Therefore, Enrich State can be purchased and implemented as a stand-alone database and does not require the implementation of a statewide IEP system. Once paired, Enrich State receives continuous snapshots of district student data to give unparalleled, real-time insight into the progress on the State Performance Plan (SPP).

Is the data vulnerable?

By leveraging years of experience working with state DOE’s, Excent has developed and incorporated a multi-layered system of security features to ensure the highest level of privacy-protection for program data and student records. Enrich State delivers data security, as well as compliance with FERPA, HIPAA, and FISMA to ease privacy concerns.

Acquire the necessary information, without encroaching on LEA’s

Enrich State was designed with an understanding of the complex relationship between states and local agencies. The Enrich system architecture and implementation approach allows for state-level compliance monitoring, while also maintaining local education agency (LEA) sovereignty. It enhances the ability of the DOE to act as a facilitator and partner to the LEA by providing comparative data for improved local control and program support while also meeting federal compliance requirements.

Enrich State delivers a modular platform pre-wired for a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS). Based on the modular design of Enrich, LEA’s have access to the widest scope of special programs solutions available today, including:
  • Rti
  • 504
  • Gifted & Talented
  • English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Individual Literacy Plan (ILP)
  • School Readiness Plan
  • Specialized state programs, such as Colorado’s READ Plan
  • On-line Compliance Monitoring that allows state employees to reduced travel and increase overall productivity
  • SPP Indicator Reporting that provides a real time view of performance at a state, district and school building level
  • Data Collection and Analysis capabilities that allow for longitudinal views of data at the state, district, school and classroom level
  • Electronic Records Transfer between school districts as students move from one district to another.
Enrich State’s broad functionality offers significant benefits for both state and local agencies:
  • Comprehensive, real-time, state-wide data collection for improved local and state compliance and program management
  • Improved state and local agency collaboration, improving working relationships and program results
  • Easy data integration and leading technical support, minimizing effort and time at both state and local levels
  • Enrich’s modular design allows current program enhancements or new program additions with minimum cost, timelines, and disruptions
  • Actionable, real-time data down to individual district and student levels, for improved control over program compliance and individual student results
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