Boundless Learning™ helps educators transform their classrooms and schools into communities of learners that collaborate, share resources, and strive for maximum achievement for all students.

Excent Boundless Learning™ is an online co-teaching professional development program that helps teachers develop new skills and processes that increase their impact with students with disabilities. Created by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education, and based on tested protocols and instructional methodologies, Boundless Learning is a job-embedded program proven to empower teachers to help students with disabilities reach or exceed proficiency on state assessments.

Boundless Learning delivers cost-effective professional development that creates higher functioning co-teaching teams and can be applied in a team setting or across an entire school.

Designed to be practical, on-demand and inclusive of an educator’s learning community, Boundless Learning offers professional development without taking the teachers out of the classroom. The three key components include:

  • Online learning events that effectively build new skills and approaches
  • Professional Development Boosters that reinforce new learnings
  • An Online Professional Learning Community to share new ideas and successful practices

Boundless Learning produces high performance co-teaching teams by utilizing three interlocking dynamics:

  • Effective Operational Protocols to improve educational practices
  • Effective Team Principals improving professional interactions
  • Leading edge technology-based tools improving productivity, collaboration, and student impact

The Boundless Learning experience shows educators how to transform their classrooms and schools into communities of learners that collaborate, share resources, and strive for maximum achievement for all students.

Along with lessons for teachers, tips and resources that empower school principals are included to facilitate effective collaboration between general and special educators within a 21st Century learning environment. These leadership practices and digital tools help build productive co-teaching teams and learning communities fully equipped to meet the needs of diverse learners.

Significant Classroom and Student Benefits
  • Boundless Learning empowers educators with new classroom strategies to maximize student results.
  • Provides educators with a wider range of instructional approaches and supports more individualized instructional time
  • Supports better student behavior management models, reducing disruptions and increasing accountability performance around disciplinary actions
  • Eliminates curriculum fragmentation caused by “ pull-out” service delivery models and allows more team collaboration and better insights into student service needs
  • Positively impacts compliance, reporting, and student outcomes by building school and district capacity to increase the least restrictive environment (LRE) for students
  • Increases classroom grouping and scheduling flexibility, supporting more student time on task and reducing wait time for teacher attention
  • Reduces education costs by allowing non-public placement students to return to the district for services
  • Improves AYP for students with disabilities
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