Excent® provides data solutions and direct training services to empower students and educators in both special and general education. School district success and students reaching their potential is our passion.

Meet state compliance with less effort. Enrich’s IEP module delivers functional, easy to use screens and prompts that guide teachers through the IEP process from Referral to finalized IEP.
Designed to assist states in meeting the rigorous demands of Results Driven Accountability, Enrich State offers a new and unique solution for Departments of Education in the collection of LEA data; compliance, performance, and fiscal monitoring; communication between state agencies and local districts, and drill-down displays of performance on SPP Indicators.
Outsourced full service billing, designed to make Medicaid billing accessible to all districts and schools
Logging and billing applications that reduce paperwork and errors, while increasing reimbursements
Professional development created by Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education
Based on the Enrich platform architecture, Enrich RtI provides an effective tool to easily track interventions, monitor student progress and manage the special education referral process.
Enrich EPM pulls together disparate student data to monitor many education programs like 504, Gifted & Talented, ELL, or state specific programs like Colorado’s School Readiness and READ Plan.
Increase self-determination and graduation rates for students with Disabilities


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