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  • Scott Shickler

    Founder and CEO, Roswell, GA

  • Linda Snapp

    Vice President of Professional Services, Allen, TX

  • Greg Chisholm

    Vice President Of Customer Care, Roswell, GA

  • Dave Celecki

    Technical Specialist, CO

  • Carmen Cavolo

    Director of Strategic Accounts, Scottsdale, AZ

  • Clarissa Richardson

    Director of Learning, Columbia, SC

  • Cedric Harrison

    Sales Manager, Irmo, SC

  • Wanda Duff

    Vice President of Product Management, Olathe, KS

  • Nancy Pless

    Accounts Payable, Roswell, GA

  • Sabrina Johnson

    Human Resources, Roswell, GA

  • Sharon Shahadat

    Accounting Manager, Roswell, GA

  • Joel Hug

    Sr. Customer Care Associate, Roswell, GA

  • Susan Chang

    Senior Staff Accountant, Roswell, GA

  • Tom Donaghue

    Customer Care Team Lead, Roswell, GA

  • Stacy Harris

    Accountant, Atlanta, GA

  • Karen Johnson (K2)

    Education Software Product Specialist, Denver, CO

  • Jamie Golden

    Product Specialist, Heath, OH

  • Dakshesh Keni

    Database Architect, Roswell, GA

  • Nikkita Smalls

    Customer Care Team Lead, Wingate, NC

  • Lamar Johnson

    Customer Care Associate, Roswell, GA

  • Amy Bruns

    Customer Care team lead, Littleton, CO

  • Vicki Vahrenkamp Allen

    Project Management, Allen, TX


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