Excent® develops data management software and student curriculums that empower educators and students to meet their program and academic goals.

Throughout our 22 year history, we’ve worked closely with educators and administrators to provide software, programs, and services to help them reach their goals of increased productivity, greater insight into education programs, and ultimately improved student outcomes.


We understand the legal and societal challenges facing educators and administrators today, and have designed our solutions to be the most comprehensive, impactful, and easy-to-use available.

Increasing compliance requirements, expanding numbers of mandated programs , rising levels of staff turnover and the need for expert training and support, combined with the desire for tools that are easier to use and offer greater functionality are just a few of the challenges facing educators today.


Excent’s mission is to provide educators with the broadest set of innovative, easy-to-use software tools to give them greater control over educational program management. Since starting in 1992, when we deployed the first IEP automation system, we’ve expanded our software solutions to provide the most comprehensive program coverage available.

In addition to IEP, our modular software supports 504 plans, RtI, ELL, Gifted and Talented, Behavior Tracking (Bully), and state initiatives such as Colorado’s READ program. Our Medicaid billing solution helps schools maximize their Medicaid reimbursement revenue with minimum of cost and effort, and with technology that provides administrators with full visibility for better program management.

Our tradition of innovation continues today and has fueled the development of our most recent accomplishment, the first and only state level student data management system, Enrich State. Utilizing a modular design with shared system architecture and common user navigation and functionality, Excent’s solutions can satisfy your current needs and easily expand to meet future program requirements.


Excent® is dedicated to the development of innovative software solutions, E-learning curriculum and dynamic youth programs that provide teachers and administrators with the tools, resources, and information they need to more effectively teach and empower all children.


We believe in long-term prescriptive interventions for students–based on data–that are constantly re-evaluated and adjusted to ensure the success of ALL students.

We believe that the procedures and processes surrounding RtI and special needs programs should be user-friendly and understandable for everyone involved. We are dedicated to providing educators with easy access to the data they need to make informed decisions about student needs, and helping educators spend dramatically less time on paperwork and more quality time with students.


Our people understand your challenges because they’ve been there too.

Our staff combines former educators and administrators with talented IT and customer support specialists. They understand the perspective and challenges of school district and program administrators, teachers, district technical staff, and state-level DOE and legislative leaders. The result is special and general education systems and programs that balance deep functionality with leading-edge technical operation, backed by world-class training and service support.

We are dedicated to your success as an education professional, and to the success of the students that you support.


Excent's primary focus is supporting every school district in its effort to empower students to successfully embrace their exceptionality and following their individual passions. Inside our company, we expect the same of our great employees.


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